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Basic OnLineTrader® - A New World of Advanced Trading
Apply for a Basic OnLineTrader membership ($195.00) and receive T$195.00 Free and T$305 Credit Line. That’s $500.00 ready to spend!! Click here for more information.
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BoA Corporate Barter
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Level II Member ($395.00) and receive T$395.00 Free and T$605 Credit Line. That’s $1,000.00 ready to spend!! Click here for more information.
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Welcome to BoA's online membership registration.
Opening an account with BOA is an easy process that will save you cash and increase your sales. In four easy steps, you can be on your way to bartering with World’s premiere trade exchange. First, fill out our Needs & Wants Checklist. This will let us know what types of products and services your business needs. Second, we recommend calling some of our members off of our Reference List (ask your Field Rep.). All of these members have bartered through BoA for quite some time. Feel free to ask them how trade has helped their businesses. Third, read our membership agreement. Finally, fill out the online registration form, and an account representative will contact you for an appointment or an email response. We look forward to servicing your barter needs. (BoA, as manager of the Exchange, seeks the respect and cooperation of all of Its members. BoA Is obligated to enforce these Exchange Rules and Regulations for the benefit of all members. Part of BoA's role is to suspend and close the accounts of members who evidence a lack of respect for fellow members of the Exchange by chronically breaking their Contracts or shirking their obligations to other clients. BoA As well, retains the right to accept or reject your application as a prospective User of the Barter of Service.)

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